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Darwin Deez ‘Darwin Deez’ – Review

16 Apr

Darwin Deez is not a pop star you can trust. Is his mustache ironic? Does he really love Jimmy Eat World? Is that dancing for real? IS HE SERIOUS? Right now we need an artist to believe, that is one thing guitar music is seriously lacking in 2010; but this is not an artist to believe in, he’s just too fluffy and nondescript.

Of course not every artist has to change the world, nor does an artist even have to change his shirt (Darwin doesn’t look like he has since 1985). Sometimes a retro, fun for the heck of it diversion is just fine. And that is what this debut album is – just fine. ‘Radar detector’ is an amazingly catchy song and it’s got great lyrics to boot. It’s actually hard to think of a better single released so far this year. ‘Bad Day’ is nearly as good, it’s very clever and, again, extremely catchy in a non annoying way, something that is rare indeed. But these two songs are tracks number 9 and 10 on a 10 track album. Everything before that is just a variation on the same riff, variations on the same lyrics. Frankly half the album sounds like filler,this would have made a killer e.p but as a full length it misses the mark, it’s just too samey. ‘constellations’ is damn good, ‘DNA’ and ‘Bed Space’ are definatley worth checking out but the rest can be forgotten about.

‘Darwin Deez’ is a fun album but it’s lacking in heart and soul. It’s short, it’s to the point and you will smile a fair few times and sometimes that’s all you need from an album. If you want my advice you should download the best five tracks (‘Radar Detector is essential) and you will have a great time – the smile may fade a bit if you listen to the whole thing.


Darwin Deez

26 Feb

Wow this guy is growing on me. I first posted about him back at the beginning of January and whilst I liked what I heard it’s only after hearing him again on the radio that I realized just how good he is. The song ‘Radar Detecter’ is just so, so catchy – I don’t want to like it but I can’t get it out of my head! Have a listen on his myspace