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Reading and Leeds Lineup announced (and a rant)

22 Mar

So it’s that time of year when the Reading and Leeds lineup gets announced. As I get  older and increasingly cynical it becomes more and more difficult to judge just how good a new Reading and Leeds lineup actually is. I mean, back when I first went in 2006 I had barely seen any bands live and so the whole thing was a wonderful, eye-opening experience – cut to 2011 and the lineup holds no surprises, I’ve seen most of the bands before and it just seems a bit stale.

I mean are teenagers really digging My Chemical Romance (and do teenagers still say digging ((and did teenagers ever say digging)) ) ? I seriously doubt it. Speaking of the 2006 lineup, I seem to remember MCR playing and getting bottled off the stage, but obviously the organizers have forgotten about that. And Muse also played in 2006 – can’t remember how good they were, I just remember the rain. That year Arctic Monkeys exploded on the main stage, confirming themselves as the act of a generation, whilst Klaxons set the tent on fire with a sound that was genuinely new and exciting. If this lineup says anything to me it’s that there is no Arctic Monkeys or Klaxons, or any new band begging to break through (The Vaccines aside).

This lineup is like a Reading and Leeds greatest hits set – the ‘naughties’ years; starring The Strokes, The National, Elbow and Interpol. And I can’t remember a R&L lineup ever featuring so many nostalgic acts, it just hasn’t been the festival’s style, and yet here are Pulp, The Offspring, Jimmy Eat World, Deftones and, er, Madness? Don’t get me wrong, these bands are popular and they more than earn their position but for goodness sake in 2006 we had young guns like Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Futureheads, The Cribs and of course Arctic Monkeys and Klaxons. Where are this year’s contemporary bands? 30 Seconds to Mars? Two Door Cinema Club? The View? Come on people!

I suppose this  rant is equally about the dire state of Rock music in general as it is about the poor selection by the Reading organizers, but there is surely a better lineup out there to be had? They should have taken risks; put The Vaccines and Noah and the Whale in positions that matter, book our two breakthrough heroes, Mumford and Sons and The XX, bring more acts over from America, bands like Animal Collective and Fleet Foxes, maybe even Kanye West or Eminem, and if you’re going metal then go all out and book Iron Maiden for goodness sakes – and why have Sonisphere got the big four, surely they should be at the home of Rock?

Still, I will be going for one day and I will be seeing The Strokes, The National, Crystal Castles, Bombay Bicycle Club, Jimmy Eat World and DEFINATLEY Madness. Reading and Leeds may be loosing it’s edge but that’s still a pretty convincing bunch of bands. And hey, maybe it is me just getting old and cynical.

First Headliners Announced For Isle of Wight, And They Are…

16 Nov

Kings of Leon and Pulp. A bit yawn. Did I mention that Pulp had reformed? I don’t think anyone cares.

Britpop revisited

19 Jun

Britpop is undergoing a re-evaluation in the music press as of late – and now the people that market nostalgia have moved on from the late 80’s to the mid 90’s and we are about to see a surge of britpop themed compilations. It is inevitable that after a certain period of time has passed, labels will go back and exploit peoples memories of a genre or movement for all it’s worth. The Britpop revival starts here with the first genuine  look back at the period of British music, a compilation called ‘Common People’.


It’s a decent set, whilst they clearly haven’t had a lot of money to splash around (notable omissions include Oasis and Blur, the two biggest acts of the movement) they have compiled a good CD, if one disk too long. I’m predicting that next Summer we shall see even more of these comp’s, maybe the odd documentary and even some throwback bands.

I have both good and bad memories of Britpop. I an remember vaguely the controversy that followed Oasis as the bad boy’s of rock, and songs such as ‘Staying out for the summer’, ‘wake up boo’ and ‘wonderwall’ were absolutely everywhere – even a 6 year old child couldn’t miss hearing them. My main memories though are of it’s decline. I was completely bored by Britpop and now realize I mostly remember it’s dieing years, the Oasis imitators, drab overlong songs and baggy jeans; It was an inescapable culture as much as a music movement. Now I am  discovering earlier gems of the period so I welcome CD’s like Common people which will help me re-discover the music of my childhood.

Below is my ultimate Britpop playlist – 25 of my favourite Britpop songs, one song per band. Some are on the CD but most aren’t. (click to hear)

1. Live Forever – Oasis
2. Trash – Suede
3. Staying Out For The Summer – Dodgy
4. Wake Up Boo! – The Boo Radlys
5. Alright – Supergrass
6. Common People – Pulp
7. Slight Return – The Bluetones
8. Mulder and Scully – Catatonia
9. All you good good people – Embrace
10. Parklife – Blur
11. The Day we Caught The Train – Ocean Colour Scene
12. Female of The Species – Space
13. Just – Radiohead
14. Nancy Boy – Placebo
15. Linger – The Cranberries
16. Brimful of Asha – Cornershop
17. If You tolerate this – Manic Street Preachers
18. Girl From mars – Ash
19. Ocean Drive – Lighthouse Family
20. Tubthumping – Chumbawumba
21. Rotterdam – The Beautiful south
22. How Bizzare – OMC
23. Walkaway – Cast
24. You and me song -The Wannadies
25. The Drugs Don’t Work – The Verve

It would be just as easy to do the 24 worst – but I would rather slit my wrists than hear them all over again! I just hope that there isn’t oversaturation with the Britpop revival, I would hate things to go back to how they were in the late 90’s when the worst of Britpop was everywhere.