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17 Jan

Theophilus is without a doubt the most exciting hip hop artist since Kanye West. His list of influences is immaculate, it’s like a roll call of my personal idols – Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Brian Wilson, Ian Cutis, Morrissey, The Ramones – even Disney gets a mention. The front cover of his latest mixtape is an homage to Elvis Costello, whilst his previous one references the Jam. This is a rapper with a unique sensibility, a unique image and unique influences. His music samples The Smiths but is actually a little more traditional than that would suggest. 808 rhythms form the back beat of his songs and his lyrics are fairly slandered fare. Nonetheless I can’t wait to hear his full length next year – recent bright young things in hip hop have disappointed when it comes to albums (Wale, Kid Cudi, Rhymefest) so here’s hoping Theophilus can deliver.