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19 Jan

Joy Orbison is impressive for what he is doing differently. Dubstep is probably the only truly cutting edge form of pop music right now, It’s basically dance but with the emotion that dance has always lacked. The dark undertones and urban influence are also quite unique. Most of it up until now has been made to sound like something you would hear late at night in a car radio, but Joy Orbison’s sound is clean, clear and euphoric. If anyone is going to lead the genre into the mainstream it will be him.



17 Jan

Theophilus is without a doubt the most exciting hip hop artist since Kanye West. His list of influences is immaculate, it’s like a roll call of my personal idols – Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Brian Wilson, Ian Cutis, Morrissey, The Ramones – even Disney gets a mention. The front cover of his latest mixtape is an homage to Elvis Costello, whilst his previous one references the Jam. This is a rapper with a unique sensibility, a unique image and unique influences. His music samples The Smiths but is actually a little more traditional than that would suggest. 808 rhythms form the back beat of his songs and his lyrics are fairly slandered fare. Nonetheless I can’t wait to hear his full length next year – recent bright young things in hip hop have disappointed when it comes to albums (Wale, Kid Cudi, Rhymefest) so here’s hoping Theophilus can deliver.


TEN TO WATCH IN 2010 – #10 Egyptian Hip Hop

13 Jan

There is a lot of cool stuff happening this year in the world of music and over the next ten days I will be looking at some of the most exciting new music around. Today it’s Egyptian Hip hop, an interesting name and an interesting group. The band are all pretty young (still at college) and their sound is a bit all over the place. If I said Late of the Pier or Post New Rave that might be a start. They only have a few songs at the moment so it’s hard to say exactly how good they will be, but early signs are certainly promising…