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15 Jan

Darwin Deez  isn’t doing anything new or cool. The songs he’s put out there have so far all been pretty simular, melodic, big on chorus’s and low on subtlty. However they’re all very good, the kind of song you just love to hear on the radio. The easiest point of refrence is Hockey, or The Strokes crossed with LCD Soundsystem. Should be a good year for Darwin.



11 Jun

Fans of The Horrors fantastic new record ‘Primary Colours’ would be well advised to check out London’s S.C.U.M, a band playing the Isle of White festival this coming sunday. They are a band undoubtidly in their infancy but already showing great promise, easily one of the most inteligent and talented new bands I’ve heard in ages. Feedback and wierd noises are their freinds (as are Joy Division’s albums no doubt) but they have a very 21st century element as well. They will carve their name onto 2009’s musical landscape with their sonic wall of sound, so get their debut single ‘Visions arise’ if you can find it anywhere, otherwise check out their myspace below.