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New From Two Wounded Birds!

17 May

One of my favourite new bands, Two Wounded Birds, have just released an excellent new 7 inch on Moshi Moshi Records, as part of the label’s renowned ‘singles club’, which has previously released debut singles by the likes of The Drums, Summer Camp, Kate Nash and Late of the Pier. Watch the music videos below and pick up the single HERE.

More Drums!

6 Mar

I feel like I’m going on about The Drums a lot – I just really like this band, and ‘Best Friend’ is probably my favourite song of the year so far. The band have just released the music video for the song and luckily it’s also great. Below that is a performance the band did for Radio 1 proving they are just as good live as on record.

Summer Camp

10 Feb

Another new band for you, and one who prefer to let the music do the talking. Like recent acts Kindness and Burial, Summer Camp are an anonymous band who hide behind retro photos and red herrings. They claimed they are swedish – they aren’t, so who knows if they really met at summer camp, aged 14 as they also claim.

They have a cool sound, a mixture of film samples, dance beats, nostalgic lyrics and poppy melodies. They aren’t dissimilar to Washed Out but their sound is more geared towards pop than dance. In particular ‘Ghost Train’ stands out, it’s simply a great, hazy, summery smash. Rumour has it that Moshi Moshi could be releasing a single from them in March, so I’ll keep you updated on that. Check out their myspace and the video for ‘Ghost Train’ below.