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Magic Kids sign to True Panther Sounds

9 Feb

According to reports the exciting new band Magic Kids have signed to Matador records Imprint True Panther Sounds. The hip label has already put out records by current touring partners Girls as well as Lemonade and those acts have done pretty well recently. apparently a debut album is in the works and could be with us as soon as the Autumn. Here is what the label had to say

‘When we first saw Magic Kids on three different NY stages on three different days last summer, we fell in love. A cacophony of pop music; 6 band members, numerous guitars, violins, horns, keyboards, everyone in summer mode- three different chilly NY audiences melted.’

‘Magic Kids make swelling, heartfelt and beautiful pop gems that recall some of our favorite eternal rock melodies but with an intimacy and excitement that is fully theirs. They do something that is increasingly rare these days- take the time and care to to create pure, perfect, romantic and joyful music.’


21 Jan

Here are a very exciting young band from Memphis who make fantastic, traditional pop songs. Magic Kids have only released one single so far but Rough Trade called it the best song of 2008, and I wouldn’t argue. ‘Hey Boy’ is an infectious sing along anthem in the style of Phil Spector or The Beach Boys. The other song, ‘Superball’,  is just as good.  Magic Kids are currently touring with Girls, and they have played shows with The Drums and Smith Westerns. As of yet they haven’t played in England but hopefully that will change this year. Lets also hope we get to hear more music from this brilliant new band.