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Mystery Jets announce ‘LP4’

23 Nov

I love Mystery Jets – this is no secret. So I’m i’m pretty chuffed that we wont have to wait too long for album number four. According to a fairly fauge post on their website, ‘LP4’ (I doubt that’s the final title) will be released in April 2012!!!! Check out the full statement below

“Winter has bestowed itself upon us and once again the weatherman warns us that we will soon be brushing snow flakes from our faces. We have returned from texas with dirty boots, a family member heavier (a beautiful young lady by the name of odessa) and a quiver of new songs. Admittedly less than we went out with (such are the worlds’ ways) but damn me if they aren’t some of our favorite yet.”

Early reports suggest the album will have a radically different sound to the group’s excellent 2010 album ‘Serotonin’ and there are even suggestions that the band have ditched pop in favour of country (this wouldn’t be too surprising a twist, they have tried prog and disco in the past afterall).

For now, remind yourself why you love them