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15 Jan

Darwin Deez  isn’t doing anything new or cool. The songs he’s put out there have so far all been pretty simular, melodic, big on chorus’s and low on subtlty. However they’re all very good, the kind of song you just love to hear on the radio. The easiest point of refrence is Hockey, or The Strokes crossed with LCD Soundsystem. Should be a good year for Darwin.


Singles of 2009!

30 Dec

Below is a list of my top 50 favourite singles, a better list than I thought it would be, turns out 2009 was a good year for singles. I particuarly liked the lo-fi pop coming out of America (Girls, Wavves, Surfer Blood etc). Links to videos are provided for the top 20 and stay tuned for top 50 albums of the year coming soon…

50. Uprising – Muse

49. So Bored – Wavves

48. The Fixer – Pearl Jam

47. Omen – The Prodigy

46. We Are The People – Empire Of The Sun

45. Zero – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

44. Stillness is the move – Dirty Projectors

43. Velvet – The Big Pink

42. Hooting and Howling – Wild Beasts

41. Bulletproof – La Roux

40. In For The Kill – La Roux

39. The Captain – Biffy Clyro

38. While You Wait For The Others – Grizzly Bear

37. Cousins – Vampire Weekend

36. That Golden Rule – Biffy Clyro

35. Fire – Kasabian

34. Crystallised – The XX

33. 21st Century Breakdown – Green Day

32. Orange Shirt – Discovery

31. One Week of Danger – The Virgins

30. 11th Dimension – Julian Casablancas

29. Empire State of Mind – Jay Z

28. Feel It All Around – Washed Out

27. No You Girls – Franz Ferdinand

26. Warriors Dance – The Prodigy

25. The Fear – Lilly Allen

24. Dominos – The Big Pink

23. Walking on a dream – Empire Of The Sun

22. Love You Better – The Maccabees

21. Pokerface – Lady Gaga

20. Daniel – Bats For Lashes

19. Crying Lightning – Arctic Monkeys

18. Brightside – The Soft Pack

17. Who Can Say – The Horrors

16. Sticks and Stones – Jamie T

15. Laura – Girls

14. Two Weeks – Grizzly Bear

13. My Girls – Animal Collective

12. Never Forget You – The Noisettes

11. Sun Was High and So Was I – Best Coast

10. Hyph Mngo – Joy Orbison

9. Swim to reach The End – Surfer Blood

8. Rich Girls – The Virgins

7. Bonkers – Dizzie Rascal

6. Remedy – Little Boots

5. Song Away – Hockey

4. Lets go Surfing – The Drums

3. Cornerstone – Arctic Monkeys

2. Lust For Life – Girls

1. Sea Within A Sea – The Horrors

Hockey ‘Mind Chaos’ – Review

1 Oct

In a way Hockey’s full length debut seems to have arrived a little to late to cash in on the 80’s love fest that was all the rage last year and early this year. ‘Mind Chaos’ was originally self released last year but EMI/Capital jumped on board to give this a well deserved (but slightly cynical) major label upgrade. The songs have all been given a real spit and polish which makes them very radio friendly, but have they lost some of their magic in the process?

Comparisons to like minded acts such as The Virgins, La Roux and MGMT are a not far off but there is something even more groovy that places Hockey very much in LCD Soundsystem and The Rapture’s school of rock. Even further back you can see the influence of everyone from Gang of Four to Talking Heads to The Strokes. Yet It’s fair to say that despite these influences Hockey are a much more traditional pop band. Yes there is a soulful twist but Hockey are merely the latest in a long line to be branded ‘the funky Strokes’. It doesn’t quite fit.

‘Mind Chaos’ is simply a fun pop record that makes the most of catchy synths and rhythmic bass lines. There are a few brilliant singles on here, take for example the opener ‘Too Fake’ or single ‘Learn to Loose’. Both these songs were minor hits earlier in the year and it’s not hard to see why, with their sing along choruses and sweet melodies coupled with classic pop lyrics. ‘Song Away’ is easily the best thing here and ranks as one of the best  pop songs I’ve heard all year with the catchiest sing along moment being the line ‘This is believe me music, this is forget me music, this ain’t no Roxy music’. When Mind Chaos is good, it’s very good.

The songs have been mixed and polished to within an inch of their life, clearly to appeal to as wide and audience as possible, but most of the tracks were originally produced by the band themselves and at times this inexperience shows. ‘Work’ for example is fantastic in many respects but you expect it to really explode in the second half and it never does. It just lacks the obvious punch you expect a seasoned producer may have pointed out to the band. ‘Song Away’ too fails to match the intensity the band have live, and relies too heavily on the synth, with the Guitars being pushed to the back of the mix. This may be nitpicking as it is a great song, but the nagging voice keeps telling me that it should be as good as it is live.

Once you have moved on from the singles the album is a more hit and miss parade. The album starts strongly and the final two tracks send the album off in ecstatic style but elswhere there is too much filler and a weird fondness for cliches and pastiches. ‘Four Holy Pictures’ is a rather joyless Bob Dylan rip off that plays it too safe and ‘3AM Spannish’ and ‘Curse This City’ borrow too much from latter day Blondie. their reliance on these tried and tested sounds would be more easy to swallow if these songs were at least as enjoyable as the album’s better moments, but they aren’t and they act as filler, making this album a frustratingly up and down listen.

At it’s best ‘Mind Chaos’ is one of the most enjoyable Albums I’ve heard all year and I don’t see how many people could dislike it – as long as you take it for what it is and don’t arrive with any pre judgments or lofty expectations. There is filler and it is a flawed record but it does contain some of the best pop songs you are likely to hear right now. Just have fun and let Hockey into your life.