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Congratulations MGMT

9 Feb

MGMT have announced first details of their second album, the follow-up to ‘Oracular Spectaclar’. The 9 track record (so much for double album) will be out on April 13th and it will be called….. ‘Congratulations’. Below is the tracklisting

1. It’s Working
2. Song for Dan Treacy
3. Someone’s Missing
4. Flash Delirium
5. I Found a Whistle
6. Siberian Breaks
7. Brian Eno
8. Lady Dada’s Nightmare
9. Congratulations

Siberian Breaks is apparently a 12 minute freakout that features 8 different songs in one whilst Lady Dada’s nightmare is an instrumental inspired by Lady Gaga. Things are going to get very weird. The stuff they have already played live is a bit more conventinal, displaying more of a surf rock sound fused with the modern psychedelia of their debut. I am extremely excited about this album, it could be mega. Below are live versions of a couple of the tracks.