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New Music special 2013

5 Feb

So every January (or in this case, Febuary) I compile a list of the new acts I’m most excited about for the forthcoming year. Every year a few bands deliver on the promise (e.g. The Drums, James Blake, The Vaccines), a few don’t (Willis Earl Beal, Friends) and a few disappear into oblivion (Remember Brother or Egyptian Hip Hop?). I suspect that this list will be no different, but right now all of these acts are sounding great and I can honestly say this is one of the best times for new music I can remember. Enjoy the videos below and I strongly encourage you to check out more.

1. Palma Violets

2. Swim Deep

3. Jagwar Ma

4. Savages

5. Childhood

6. Alunageorge

7. Laura Muluva

8. The Strypes

9. Peace

10. Disclosure

11. Joey Bada$$

12. Cheatahs

New Music Blast

4 Oct

Palma Violets ‘Best of Friends’

Savages ‘Husbands’

Childhood ‘Haltija’

Haim – New band alert

1 Aug

It’s been a long time since a new band turned up that were worth talking about, but hey, here’s one! Haim have a three track e.p out with a debut coming at the end of the year. The band are made up of three sisters from the West Coast who combine close harmonies, funky rhythmns and lots of classic rock guitar sounds. Check out Forever below, if only for the cowbells.

Michele Stodart ‘Take Your Loving Back’

29 Nov

Michlle Stodart is the bass player in one of my favourite bands, The Magic Numbers, and I’m pleased to hear that before the release of their fourth album, she will release one on her own. Anybody familiar with the group’s work will know she’s quite the singer, and if further proof were needed then listen to her debut single, ‘Take Your Loving Back’, below. Also, go over to her youtube page to hear more live recordings –

I look forward to the album’s release in the new year.



New Band – Spectrals

9 Oct

Spectrals are a new band from Leeds, led by Louis Oliver Jones, a man who NME have called (in typically hyperbolic fashion) the new Alex Turner, a comparison that as far as I can tell has less to do with his songwriting and more to do with his Yorkshire accent. The Guardian’s description of him being a ‘Northern Brit male Best Coast’ is probably more accurate (he toured with Best Coast earlier in the year). The group do seem to have missed the boat a bit – this type of nostalgic, lo-fi sunshine pop has been all the rage for the last couple of years but its popularity has died down in recent months, and Spectrals aren’t quite good enough to revive interest. That said, they have enough promise to warrent a recommendation, and I look forward to hearing their debut album ‘Bad Penny’ to see if it throws up any gems.