Peace ‘In Love’ – Review

9 Apr

You’ve got to be pretty audacious to steal a melody from The Beatles, the most listened to band on the planet. It’s kind of like trying to steal the crown jewels – do you really think you’re going to get away with it? Oasis attempted it (several times) and that lost them as many fans as it won them. On ‘Float Forever’ this week’s cool young things Peace nick the melody from ‘In My Life’ and construct a song around it. It’s a cute little tune but theft is theft all the same, and if you are out to pilfer from the past then you’ve got to be a little sneakier about it than Peace are on this debut album.

And to be fair they are a little less obvious elsewhere. Casual listeners probably won’t notice that the singer is a dead ringer for Blaine from Mystery Jets, or that ‘Higher Than the Sun’ has a little too much in common with the Primal Scream song of the same name, or that ‘Waste of Paint’ is (from the title, to the guitar tone, to the beat) a stone cold Stone Roses rip off. I’ve defended other bands on similar charges (The Vaccines, Spector, Palma Violets for example) but Peace are nowhere near as interesting or exciting as these groups, and I’m so I’m less forgiving of their lack of originality.

That said, Peace wear these sounds like they wear their thrift store garments; ill fitting, baggy, multi-layered, colours clashing – but eye catching none the less. As a band they’re hip enough to get away with it. It also helps that they’ve got very good ears for a melody and hook. ‘Wraith’ creeps along like a sullen child during the verse but erupts into a festival worthy anthem during the chorus. ‘Follow Baby’ does the opposite trick, swapping a jubilant verse melody for a moody chorus that innocently declares ‘we’re gonna live forever baby’ as if we’ve never heard those words uttered in a pop song before. ’ ‘Lovesick’ beats both singles hands down with the catchiest Britpop chorus this side of 1995.

There’s only one hands down brilliant song on ‘In Love’ though and that’s the sultry album closer ‘California Daze’. It’s much more restrained and laid-back than the preceding half hour and it’s the only song that really leaves a lasting impression. Even here though, I’m positive it sounds like something… I just can’t put my finger on what. That lingering doubt spoils the party a little bit and if Peace want to write songs as good as the ones they admire they’ll need a bit more imagination. That said, ‘In Love’ is a thoroughly enjoyable indie-pop album and I know for a fact there are people out there with younger, less cynical ears who adore this band. The rest of us can admire them for their sheer cheek and catchy tunes if nothing else.


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