Blondes ‘Blondes’ – Review

25 May


Blondes feel like a throwback to the late 80’s, early 90’s; so much modern dance music, particularly in the field of Drum n Bass and Dubstep, feels like it’s designed to slap you in the face with as many loud instruments and digital effects as possible. Blondes take me back to a time when everything was more considered. Here instruments are gradually introduced so that the tracks sound like sonic pyramids, taking time to build up before being slowly taken down again. Sequencers are used effectively throughout, so that key beats and baselines bubble away on repeat and lodge themselves in your head. Blondes are similar, in their stylistic intent, to the likes of Teen girl Fantasy and Walls, in that they make dance tunes that are almost hypnotic and psychedelic in the way they unfold gradually and euphorically.

They are considerably less enjoyable when they slow the beat down; the back end of the album features three songs that, whilst sonically interesting, are hard to get excited by. ‘Gold’ and ‘Amber’ are particularly mundane due to their length (9 minutes and 7 minutes respectively) and meandering flow. Personally, I’ve never understood dance music that doesn’t want you dance – surely that makes it redundant? Blondes seem to want their album to be heard as a headphone experience, which is a shame as with a bit more bounce songs like ‘Lover’ and ‘Business’ would sound great coming from some club speakers. But Blondes are moving along the right lines and this is an encouragingly promising debut.



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