The Wombats ‘…Proudly Present: This Modern Glitch’ – Review

27 May

Do you remember The Wombats? Admittedly it’s been a long tim; they’ve lost any momentum they once had, a situation they may have been hoping to change by drip-feeding us singles from this second album for the best part of a year in an attempt to re-establish some interest. They are best known for their hit ‘Lets Dance to Joy Division’, a song so ridiculous that many people thought it was a novelty tune. On ‘This Modern Glitch’ they continue to write about usual subjects – the chorus to ‘Anti-D’ goes ‘Please allow me to Be your anti-depressant’. That line alone makes the song unbearable to listen to and unfortunatley the rest of the album is often equally cringe worthy.

All the tracks follow an identical formula; zany lyrics, restrained verses and then multi-coloured, synth heavy, everything but the kitchen sink choruses. There really is no diversity here, the only thing that differentiates one song from another is the pace and intensity. But in fairness they have more than a handful of catchy songs; ‘Jump into the Fog’ and ‘Techno Fan’ are particularly infectious. But as catchy as many of these songs are, I don’t think they ever completely nail it, there is nothing on here to replace ‘Lets Dance to Joy Division’ or ‘Moving to New York’ on a DJ’s indie playlist. Close but no cigar.

The Wombats obsession with being quirky and ‘different’ often has the opposite effect, they come across as try hard, predictable and repetitive (they even have a new B-Side with the title ‘Addicted to The Cure’ – after that Joy Division song it’s surely only a matter of time before they force-fit The Smiths into a title!). This Modern Glitch is like a big bag of pick n mix sweets that you gobble down too quickly; it’s enjoyable at the time but leaves you feeling a bit sick. It hits you in the face with its immediacy but gets less and less interesting the more you hear it. Ultimately ‘This Modern Glitch’ is too colourful, too sickly and has too many e-numbers for my taste. But If you like synth-pop songs with sky-scraper choruses then I don’t see why ‘This Modern Glitch’ wouldn’t be your cup of tea


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