Last Week’s BIG News in Album Art

24 Apr

I was away on holiday last week but that didn’t stop some BIG things going down – like this

Yep, that’s the cover for ‘Suck It and See’ by Arctic Monkeys. I reckon this is a cover people are either going to love or hate, and I’m kind of undecided at the moment. I like the simplicity, especially after the excess of ‘Don’t sit Down Cos I’ve Moved Your Chair’ and it’s video, and I suppose it fits in nicely with the title (which I have finally decided is terrible), as it asks you bluntly to give the album a go, not to judge the book by its cover so to speak. The more I mull it over the more I like it.

Bon Iver has revealed far less divisive album art for his highly anticipated self titled second album. It’s pretty lush…

The tracklisting for said album, as well as an interesting bio, can be found here.

Finally, Lady Gaga has unveiled the artwork for her second album ‘Born This Way’ and it’s pretty strange. The image shows Gaga as some kind of futuristic motorbike. In related news check out this week’s NME for an excellent feature on Lady Gaga written by POPJUSTICE writer Peter Robinson. If like me you have missed the likes of Smash Hits then this feature will make you very happy (check out POPJUSTICE for more funny and intelligent takes on the pop world).

oooooh, whilst I’m here I should say that Washed Out, who released the excellent e.p ‘Life of Leisure’ a year or two ago, has signed to Subpop and will be releasing his debut album this summer. Check out the details here and watch the video for the song ‘Feel It All Around’ below.


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