Albums of the Year – 30-21

16 Dec


#30 - 'BUTTERFLY HOUSE' by THE CORAL - One of the things that making this list revealed to me is that most new acts lack ambition. A large amount of albums on this list are home produced or lo-fi, and often to good effect, but all the same the return of those grafters, The Coral, reminded me how heart warming a traditional, well produced album can be.


#29 ' PLASTIC BEACH' by GORILLAZ - The most ambitious British album of the year was also Damon Albarn’s finest in over a decade.


#28 - 'CMYK / KLAVIERWERKE' by JAMES BLAKE - James Blake has seemingly endless talents - great pianist, singer, producer, DJ etc and these two are only the tip of the iceberg. The full length arrives in January and it will be one to watch out for.


#27 - 'TREATS' by SLEIGH BELLS - There are very few new albums that you hear and think ‘that sounds like nothing I’ve ever heard before’. ‘Treats’ was one of those albums with it’s menacing mix of hardcore, pop and white noise helping to create a truly innovative record


#26 'BROKEN DREAMS CLUB' by GIRLS - Girls return ‘mini’ album was a surprise to many thanks to it’s polished sound and adventurous instrumentation. It conformed their position as one of America’s best new indie acts.


#25 'THE RUNAWAY' by THE MAGIC NUMBERS - Half of this album is bland, muddy and completely uninspired but the other half is so lush, emotionally packed and mesmerising that it more than makes up for it. For all it’s flaws ‘The Runaway’ won me over and then some - but hey I may be biased because I love this band a lot.


#24 'THE SOFT PACK' by THE SOFT PACK - This hotly tipped band’s debut album finally arrived in January and whilst it wasn’t the genre shaking smash many hoped it might be it was still a load of fun.


#23 'WARPAINT' by WARPAINT - eccentric, ghostly and unusual, the debut album from Warpaint was a psychedelic tour de force.


#22 'SIR LUCIOUS LEFT FOOT: THE SON OF CHICO DUSTY' by BIG BOI - Completely unique and utterly unforgiving this was a serious return to form for the most creative rapper out there.


#21 'YOUNG' by SUMMER CAMP - Short and bubblegum sweet, the debut from Summer Camp proved to be better than I could have hoped for. Immaculate, nostalgic pop music.


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