Summer Camp ‘Young’ – Review

9 Sep

I saw Summer Camp perform an acoustic version of ‘Was It Worth It’ on BBC 3 the other week and it was amazing, the girl can really sing and the guy can really play. I’d never really noticed before because all their singles sounded like they had been badly recorded off an old VHS, with distorted vocals and fuzzy synths. So it’s clear then that the band aren’t just hiding behind their lo-fi production as so many groups seem to do, on ‘Young’ the production is perfectly suited to the content. The record has a nostalgic, dreamy feeling that is like a warm and comforting old duvet and it works fantastically.

Summer Camp have been causing buzz for a good few months, ‘Ghost Train’ first caught my attention with its brilliantly retro video and luckily the song was just as captivating. That and the other singles the band have released are grouped here on an e.p that serves a similar purpose to ‘Summertime’ by The Drums, a record also released by Moshi Moshi. ‘Young’ collects the early (and sunny sounding) singles and at the same time gives the band a clean slate for their debut (darker) album, due out next year. Also like The Drums, Summer Camp’s material is very poppy and simple and the twenty minutes just fly by in a haze of melodrama. ‘Was It Worth’ it and ‘Ghost Train’ are still the best things the band have recorded, and the three brand new songs fail to hit the same peaks, but they certainly don’t let the duo down.

‘Young’ is one of the most distinctive and original pop debuts of the year, and whilst it’s hard to see where exactly they can go from here, right now they are a breath of fresh air. You suspect Summer Camp are a band that live for the moment and haven’t really considered the future, much like the heroes and heroines of the brat pack movies they adore, so lets enjoy them in the moment.



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