Two Wounded Birds

18 Jun

A heads up on a cool new band from London who have been releasing stuff on the brilliant Holiday Records. Two Wounded Birds sound like the missing link between The Beach Boys and The Stone Roses as they make sun drenched, melancholic rock n roll with a hazy acid pop influence.

There has been a distinct lack of good English bands coming through this year (try naming one – better still think of a great British album this year that hasn’t been made by Damon Albern). The irony is that whilst two Wounded Birds are the best new British band I’ve heard in a while, they sound as American as it’s possible to sound. Anyway they are definitely worth checking out, head to Holiday Records site to download their e.p for free(!) and whilst you’re there check out the other fantastic freebies the label have on offer.


One Response to “Two Wounded Birds”

  1. Steve July 31, 2010 at 10:48 am #

    They are from MARGATE by the way… the first decent thing to come from here in a long while.

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