Earth Vs The Pipettes – Coming Soon

11 Mar

To begin with let me say that The Pipettes are no more The Pipettes than The Sugababes are still The Sugababes. Both bands ceased to exist the moment all the original member left. Now the name simply provides a shelter for whoever want to use it, much in the same way a doorway provides shelter for any tramp that wishes to use it.

With The Pipettes this is more acceptable because the group have always been a post-modern twist on the traditional girl group, a mirror held up to both the manufactured girl groups of the last decade and the skinny indie boys with guitars. They were a glimpse into an alternate reality where The Beatles never arrived in America and Girl Power instead ruled the charts. In charge of it all was a man named Monster Bobby who held the strings in the same way that Berry Gordy made The Supremes or Phil Spector controlled The Ronnettes. And just as Gordy saw fit to replace Diana Ross with Jean Terrell,  so Monster Bobby relishes in continuing The Pipettes without Riot Becki and Rosay.

‘We Are The Pipettes’ was one of my favourite albums of the decade – it was everything a good pop record should be, witty, catchy, easily digestible, fun to dance to and a pure delight on the ears. It’s taken them four years to make a follow up (when I say them, I don’t actually know who I’m talking about cos I don’t actually know who sings on the album) but at long last it is nearly here. ‘Earth Vs The Pipettes’ is out on June 28th and it’s accompanied by first single ‘Stop the Music’. It is a better song than ‘Our Love was Saved by A Spaceman’ which was released as a free download a few weeks ago. Well I think it is, at least that song had something catchy about it, even if you only remembered it for the horrible synth and the tacky lyrics. ‘Stop The Music’ is just a bit bland and boring, something The (original) Pipettes never were.

I still have high hopes for the album, other tracks previewed live seemed to be in the older style rather than the new, synth based direction. Fingers crossed that ‘Earth Vs The Pipettes’ will be worth the four year wait.


One Response to “Earth Vs The Pipettes – Coming Soon”

  1. TWEEFREAK June 14, 2010 at 12:18 am #

    have you heard the music of former pipette Beth Mburu-Bowie?
    It is sex. pure sex. I think you’d really like it. Listen now at

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