Random Why?

22 Feb

I’ve linked some songs I’m loving right now. Why? Because I can. Because I’m bored. Because I think they’re super. Super. SUPER!!!

‘Only You Know’ by Dion from the influential but largely ignored album ‘Born to Be With You’ as produced by Phil Spector. For my money this is one of his best productions.

From the wonderful Francoise Hardy

‘Hanging on the Telephone’ by The Nerves. Punk classic that was later brilliantly reimagined by Blondie.

Doo wop classic,  ‘Duke of Earl’ by Gene Chandler.

From the film Grease, ‘Sandy’, classic melodrama.

Oh the 80’s, the best of times and the worst of times – or something. But I love ‘Borderline’ by Madonna

I’m looking forward to the new Dum Dum Girls album being released on Sub Pop. Here is a taster, ‘Jail La La’.

The new Pipettes song is a bit rubbish frankly. So I’ve been reminding myself of better times. ‘I Love You’.

The two real stars of the brits were Jay Z and Dizzee. ‘Dirt Off Your Shoulder’.

And something with a bit of an edge…

And a great way to end this random playlist…

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