This is It

13 Oct

The lead single off the soundtrack to the movie ‘This Is It’ was premiered last night via Sony records. The song will be the first of no doubt many posthumous releases from the Jackson camp although this one in particular is not a new recording. The song’s history is fairly unknown with most sources suggesting that it was recorded in 1991, although judging from Jackson’s voice I would say 1981 is a much more realistic date.The Jacksons provide backing vocals and that combined with the soulful melody make it sound more like the 70’s Michael than anything released since. Whenever it was originally recorded, It is known that the song was considered for ‘Dangerous’ and for whatever reason was not chosen, but the version that appears on the new soundtrack has been given a 21st century production upgrade.

The song can most easily be categorized as the sort of ott ballad that Jackson used somewhat as a crutch in the 90’s. Like ‘Will You Be There’, ‘Heal The World’ and ‘Man in The Mirror’ the song makes the most of inspirational lyrics, an anthemic chorus and slick production. Of course this song is not as strong as the aforementioned and lacks a certain smack, bang and wallop. However In terms of production this is one of his better offerings since the early 90’s as unlike most of ‘Invincible’ it hasn’t be computerized and polished to within an inch of its life. The song has a funky baseline, motown-esque strings and pretty background vocals from Michael’s brothers. These details help to make this one of the better Jackson songs of recent times.

Despite not being entirely new, and by no means a classic, ‘This Is It’ is a very welcome addition to MJ’s cannon and hopefully it will be joined by more songs in the coming months. Listen below.


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