New Radiohead e.p?

15 Aug

The question on everyones lips at the moment is what will be Radiohead’s new move? We know they are playing Reading and Leeds in two weeks time, and they have more European shows before theb But the big buzz is around the new songs that have leaked in the last few weeks. First we had a preview of a new song at Lattitude; It was an acoustic number and though hardly a classic it was a nice surprise. Then came a tribute to the late Harry Patch that was built around a stunning score written by Johnny.  This was an offical track released to raise money for charity – what wasn’t official was the leaking of ‘These are my twisted words’ . The track (that would have sat comfortably on Kid A or In Rainbows) got good reviews when it previewed last week and now it could be joined by an official EP if internet rumours are to be believed. The likes of NME and Pitchfork media are reporting that a new E.P called ‘Wall of Ice’ is going to be released on 17th August online. Of course Radiohead aren’t new to springing things on us (see In Rainbows) and last year Bloc party rush released their new album before thier Leeds performance, so this isn’t as crazy as it may seem. More Radiohead is only a good thing, so fingers crossed that this is all true!

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