Michael Jackson – Pop’s greatest showman

26 Jun

I heard about MJ’s passing late last night and was in complete shock at what I was hearing. He had seemed to be in better shape than he had been since the early 90s, and I and many others were looking forward to seeing him In London both this year and next. I don’t want to jump on the bandwagon of people writing about Michael Jackson – The Sadness of his death speaks for itself and I find it hypocritical that the magazines and newspapers that destroyed him are now mourning his loss.

His passing marks the end of an era – Pop’s last great entertainer gone. He was truly the greatest showman of the 20th century and for me his work ranks alongside The Beatles as the greatest pop music ever recorded. He has been my hero since I first saw him on top of the pops in the early 90’s and I have put up with a lot of abuse for even liking him. Now I know the music will survive and all the rubbish that has been written will not. We have to look forward to a release of the material he was working on with the likes of Kanye West and Will I Am. Here is one of my favourite MJ song’s from his late Motown period, ‘Music and Me’.

Today is a truely sad day…


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