Amazing Baby, ‘Rewild’ – Review

14 Jun

MGMT didn’t create Neo Psychadelia but they certainly set the current benchmark with Oracular Spectacular. Most acts of the same genre seem to be leaning towards the pop side of things (such as Empire of The Sun) so it’s nice to see a band like Amazing Baby unafraid to tackle the more freaky side of the coin.

Their debut album ‘Rewild’ is a brave and confident first record, it attempts so much and even if the band don’t always succeed, it is nice to see a new band not scared by embarrassment. Songs such as ‘Bayonet’ and ‘Headress’ are adventurous and intresting, whilst even less succesful tracks such as ‘Old Tricks in Hell’ are noble and well meaning failures. Only when they seem to be taking on Kasabian do they truely bore as on the yawnish ‘Dearriper’. Also In future they should be more carefull not to fall into pastiche as they do on ‘The Narwhal’ – Is it great or cringy?

Occasionaly they veer towards prog rock, mid-era pink floyd at times, which is quite unusual and welcome these days. However they thankfully keep the album trim and tidy, never really loosing sight of their goals as too many modern prog bands do. But Amazing Baby aren’t a prog band, they are too exciting to be such. Overall an intresting debut and a band to keep an eye on this summer.



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